“What is Taekwon-do?”

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and self-defense technique. A true folk art, it has evolved over a period of 2000 years. Taekwondo was developed as a defence for unarmed persons against enemy attacks. The art is based on defensive spirit and its code forbids unfair assaults or unnecessary use of force and fosters humility, discipline, generous attitudes and friendship.
Our program develops well-rounded students who are able to do much more than championship events. Through discipline and training the student learns to coordinate mind and body and obtains access to extraordinary power and speed of response.


The EUGE TAEKWONDO Academy began with the La Joya Tigers which was established on November 17, 1997. The Academy now has a membership of over one hundred and fifty (150) short and long-term members. Summer Camp Programs are run yearly and has been successful over the years. The Academy is committed to putting Trinidad and Tobago on the map with its successful athletes.
Our Academy over the years spread its wings from the East to the West with the intensions of promoting the Olympic sport Taekwondo. The academy established an executive committee so that the Academy could run more efficiently in providing the necessities becoming the best athletic Academy in the region.
With this concept in mind we were able host a number of sparring interschool competitions, Poomsae competitions, Award ceremonies, Christmas parties, Tea parties, outdoor activities, and a greater achievement success in the 2006 Caribbean Championships and the Chicago Open Championships achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.